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1938 "7523" 7 Passenger Touring Sedan, Dave & Patti Ricci (before restoration)
This is the car that started it all.  For many years we drove this up and down the coast on tours and to many shows.  I finally decided to do a bit of minor restoration (new wiring, etc).  One thing turned into another and she's now undergoing the full restoration you've been reading about.  With a lot of work (and even more luck) she will be done in time for the 2006 Grand National
Well, luck was not with us, but the restoration is still going.  We'll work on her over the winter and have her back on the road in the Spring

1937 Cadillac, Eric Clausen

Eric just purchased this car last month, it is all original with 56000 miles, unrestored.



Jerry and Pat Brick's 1941 60s

This is the car that got me started in the CLC around 1970. My dad was looking for a Cadillac to replace his '35 Buick in 1956 and found this car when the original owner traded it along with a 75 series for a brand new '56 Cadillac. It had about 24,000 miles on it when he bought it and it now has about 62,000. The car is nearly all original, including paint and interior. The engine and orig Hydro have never been opened up and she runs like a dream. We've received several first in class awards including Silverado, Harrah's and our own National Meet in 1999. Hopefully this car will stay in the family for many more years. 


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